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We are a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) and approved sponsor.  Currently, there are three schools in the Trust – the founding school, Chesham Grammar School,  Ivingswood Academy and Waterside Primary Academy, primary schools that are also in Chesham. The Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee.


The Members of the Trust are responsible for appointing up to 5 Trustees to the Trust Board and also receive the annual accounts each autumn. They meet at least once per year.

The Members of the RKST are:

Laura Gibbs

Robert Stretch

Aubrey Waddy

Sue Walton

Kris Wilson

Member Interests

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Current Trustees

The Trustees meet at least twice per term and are responsible for the strategic direction, broad policy framework and oversight of the Trust and all the schools within it.  They take decisions that are in the best interests of the Trust as a whole rather than acting as representatives of a particular school within the Trust.  Trustees are Directors of the Trust.

Andy Garnett

Anthony Ogden           Chair of Finance Committee

Annmarie McNaney    Executive Headteacher & Accounting Officer

Kate Morris                   Vice Chair of Trustees

Mike Park                      Responsible Officer

Sue Walton                   Chair of Trustees

The Board is supported by:

Andrew Martin             Chief Executive Officer

Becca Cruise                Chief Financial Officer

Carole Green                Clerk

Nicole Wicks                 Chief Operating Officer & Company Secretary

To find out more about our Trustees, please click here to read their biographies

Scheme of Delegation

Please find our current scheme of delegation by clicking here

Roles and attendance

2016/17 - Trustee roles and attendance 2016/17

2017/18 - Trustees roles and attendance 2017/18

2018/19 - to be uploaded in the Autumn Term 2019

Trustee interests

Please the link to find out more about our Trustees interests

Local Governing Bodies

Each school in the Trust has a Local Governing Body (LGB). The LGBs are committees of the Trust Board and operate under a Trust Scheme of Delegation. Each LGB comprises Trust appointed governors, two elected parent governors, a staff governor and the Headteacher.